My next trip to Europe!

Dear all,

I’ve been a tad busy lately with quite a few things. Since I’m ALWAYS sitting in my room, I don’t have many occasions to take pictures. Pity, I know, but I will resume when I’m out of here.

I’m still in our main monastery in Tsopema. I had planned to be in our other monastery in Darjeeling by now, but since my dear master is facing some eye problems in Nepal and had to postpone his return to Darjeeling to meet me, I’ve postponed my trip as well. He hopes to be done with the checkup and treatment within a month, so I guess I’ll leave for Darjeeling a bit sooner than that.

As of now, me and my attendants are scheduling my next teaching tour of Europe. Thanks to my hosts, friends, and audiences in Germany and Greece, my last tour of 2 months was a very good success (I measure success by how much of a positive change I manage to bring into people’s lives, and not by how much donations I gather!). All the centres and friends have repeatedly re-invited me, even while I was there, so I WILL return in August!

Besides Germany and Greece, I’ve received invitations from France, Holland, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, and Belgium to teach. My attendants and I are currently setting the dates and the teachings, so if anyone wishes to discuss an invitation or details about my teachings and dates, kindly email my office at One of my attendants will contact asap.

I’ll write more soon, as things happen. May you all be well and happy!




Dear all,

Hope you’ve been well. I’m fine, and still in our main monastery in Tsopema, northern India.

I went around the holy lake of Guru Rinpoche a couple of days ago, which I hadn’t done for more than 3 years!! The reason being that it’s considered good for a Tulku to remain indoors as long as possible. Well, I guess I went a little too far! 3 years is bloody long, if you think about it!

Anyway, I went round the lake (which we call ‘kora’ in Tibetan), accompanied by our senior monks and local devotees. We did lots of Guru Rinpoche mantras for world peace and well-being. Felt fantastic!! My dear attendant Phuntsok took a bunch of pictures, which I’ve uploaded onto my account on Picasa.

I would like to share them with you, so click the link below, go through them, and let me know if you like them.

Be well, and may you all live long, healthy, and happy lives!!



Videos of my talk…

Dear all,

I’ve received tons of positive responses for the pictures I’d taken and uploaded! Thank you. I’m posting the YouTube videos of a public talk about compassion I gave at Rigpa Buddhist centre in Berlin, here, for those who aren’t in my Facebook friends list. Enjoy!

(Note: they’re in 13 parts, roughly around 9 minutes each, but they are continuous.)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13


A series of pictures taken in our main monastery in Tsopema, in the state of Himachal Pradesh, northern India. This was mainly during the Tibetan new year, Losar. It includes various individuals connected with our monastery.


Athens, Greece…

During my 5 day visit to a couple of centres in Athens, I took a lot of photos at the Acropolis, especially the famous Parthenon. I learnt some interesting ways of taking nice photos, which are towards the end of the album.

Athens, Greece.

Thessaloniki, Greece..

This album contains lots of pictures I took during my month long stay in Thessaloniki, Greece, including a series of photos I took in the local museum, which was jolly interesting, as well as in and around the city…

Various pictures taken in Thessaloniki, Greece

Various pictures taken in Berlin…

The following album contains various photos taken in Berlin; both during leisure time and while teaching…

Various pictures taken in Berlin

Teaching in Mannheim…

A bunch of photos of me teaching in Mannheim, Germany. Mannheim is a lovely town quite distant from Berlin, where I taught and met a lovely bunch of people for 3 days.

Teaching in Mannheim

Pictures taken in Saarbrucken, Germany…

The second album contains photos I took at various place during my first days in Germany – on the way to Saarbrucken, where I taught for 3 days.

My first teaching in Germany!

Photo albums….

Dear all,

I’m going to post the links of various pictures I took in the past few months, one by one. I hope you enjoy them all. I’ll try to write captions on them as time permits.

The first one is during my 10 days stay in Hua-Hin, Thailand.


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